Meaning of a bad lot in English:

a bad lot

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informal British
  • A dishonest person.

    • ‘He said: ‘You are going to tell children, ‘Your dad is a bad lot but we are going to make you different from him’.’
    • ‘As he will attest, even if you don't have the bad luck to move next door to a bad lot, there is still no guarantee that island life is going to be any easier than the grindstone-nosing existence that you left behind.’
    • ‘You can think somebody is a bad lot, but you have to treat that person equally.’
    • ‘You're a bad lot, Dorrie, not what the world would call a bad lot but what I call a bad lot.’
    • ‘Even if your candidate's a bad lot, you can't hope to make a consistent choice between parties on the basis of avoiding people like that.’