Meaning of a bag of bones in English:

a bag of bones

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  • An emaciated person or animal.

    • ‘the pony is just a bag of bones’
    • ‘She was so pretty and he was just a bag of bones that forgot to stop walking about.’
    • ‘While confined to a wheelchair just a few months ago and "just a bag of bones," Adams has gained 25 lb.’
    • ‘A dog owner told a court how his pet was 'just a bag of bones' when he went to collect him from boarding kennels.’
    • ‘I'm just a bag of bones, drifting like a large, hyper-evolved amoeba from stimulus to stimulus.’
    • ‘You got me specially tailored-made clothing, so I would not feel so depressed being just a bag of bones.’
    • ‘We've found animals wandering around the paddock, just a bag of bones, totally covered in scabs, hardly a hair on their body.’
    • ‘It's easy, almost convenient, to forget that my cadaver is a man, not just a bag of bones and skin and connective tissue glued together with embalming fluid.’
    • ‘He's a bag of bones, he's not terribly pretty, and he was labeled "fractious" on his very first day at the pound.’
    • ‘It seems like too much energy for a bag of bones /And for the lucky souls /Waters wash away the cobwebs’
    • ‘At least she's not a bag of bones and is cuter than Lohan, Barton, Bosworth, ect, ect.’
    • ‘The young cat is fatter the old cat is a bag of bones, but happy.’
    • ‘Personally I don't find bodies that are a bag of bones attractive.’
    • ‘It was just a bag of bones which could barely stand it was so weak.’
    • ‘Brooke said carrying the dog was "like carrying a bag of bones down the hill."’
    • ‘If it hadn't been for the campaign these 90 kilogram women would have been a bag of bones waiting to die.’
    nag, inferior horse, tired-out horse, worn-out horse, Rosinante