Meaning of a bag of tricks in English:

a bag of tricks


  • A set of ingenious plans, techniques, or resources.

    • ‘documentary, magic realism, and surrealist techniques are all included in his bag of tricks’
    • ‘Everyone here is very professional, very focused and has many resources in their bag of tricks.’
    • ‘The whole bag of tricks of the average business man, or even of the average professional man, is inordinately childish.’
    • ‘On the other hand, he's frustratingly comfortable recycling from his old kit bag of tricks.’
    • ‘But slowly things became easier for him as he developed a whole bag of tricks at making his life easier.’
    • ‘Poe may not have the capacity of Ernest, but he's crafty and I'm certain he brought his whole bag of tricks with him.’
    • ‘If you want to see the whole bag of tricks, consider the ultimate winter animal, the polar bear.’
    • ‘However, he's also opened up a whole new bag of tricks for this latest adventure.’
    • ‘By making it a ‘free for all’ society, there is no right or wrong, only an interpretation by unelected judges and lawyers with the biggest bags of tricks.’
    • ‘I've been firewooding for about ten fully educational years now, and today I learned a new one from firewood's bag of tricks that's going straight into my Firewood Tactics Analysis File.’
    • ‘Like others who have survived these battles, I eagerly await the arrival of MT 3.0 technology because it means I can integrate Typekey into my bag of tricks.’
    • ‘Realising that a win can only be achieved by taking the game to Brothers and applying the pressure relentlessly until they crack, Workers delved deep into their baseball bag of tricks.’
    • ‘And this their debut mini album - though a mixed bag of tricks - has enough melodic dexterity to cross over from hype to the actual hands of the commercial buying public.’
    • ‘She's got Kevin's sense of what's out there, however, and it's inevitable that she's going to outgrow Jerry's dime-store bag of tricks.’
    • ‘My favorite is actually one that he wrote that I rarely pull out of the bag of tricks which is called ‘Easy to be Free.’’
    • ‘The Brothers Chaps brought their bag of tricks with them; they were sitting on stage behind their laptops, with the Homestar puppet by Matt's side.’
    • ‘The mind boggles at the richness of invention in these strips, the constant surprises Herriman proves himself capable of pulling from some unfathomable bag of tricks.’
    • ‘But some Marines are now digging into their own bag of tricks, getting ready, making their own explosive charges.’
    • ‘This classic objective adds multipitch rock climbing and a thrilling 150-foot rappel to your bag of tricks.’
    • ‘It means that pretending is no longer in our bag of tricks.’
    • ‘Oh yes, he was thinking, I have a bag of tricks right here.’