Meaning of a barrel of laughs in English:

a barrel of laughs

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  • with negative A source of fun or amusement.

    • ‘life is not exactly a barrel of laughs at the moment’
    • ‘Can she really believe that Julius Caesar is a barrel of laughs?’
    • ‘An event that has raised more than £2,000 for breast cancer was a barrel of laughs on Saturday.’
    • ‘Chuck (played with masterful restraint by Peter Sarsgaard) is a paternal authority figure and not a barrel of laughs.’
    • ‘The trouble is that despite some good moments, an appearance by Tom Waits and the warm endorsement of this columnist, Witness is hardly a barrel of laughs for the casual listener.’
    • ‘In the meantime my boyfriend has to manage my moods, which vary from avoidance, sullen whining and self-doubt - not exactly a barrel of laughs!’
    • ‘Being Chief Justice (he got the job last week) is not a barrel of laughs.’
    • ‘Well, here's one parent who's a whole barrel of laughs.’
    • ‘A disparate group meeting for weekly tap dance lessons might not sound like a barrel of laughs but that's exactly what Stepping Out is.’
    • ‘Life in Pink Floyd never looked like a barrel of laughs.’
    • ‘Geez, the Timmons family reunions must be a real barrel of laughs.’
    joker, comedian, comic, humorist, wag, wit, funny man, funny woman, prankster, jokester, clown, buffoon, character