Meaning of abandonware in English:


Pronunciation /əˈbandənwɛː/


mass noun
  • Computer software that is no longer distributed or supported by the developer or copyright holder.

    ‘those who illegally distribute abandonware on the Web see themselves as archivists who are helping save old computer programs for posterity’
    • ‘Abandonware justifies itself by preserving gaming history in a 'living' way.’
    • ‘Everything has to be absolutely above-board, so emulators and even abandonware are out of the question, alas.’
    • ‘A few examples are Abandonware, MP3 downloads, warez and their kind.’
    • ‘Filling the ranks of Abandonware are classic games that everyone played, so companies made a mint off them, but weren't released for copyright-free distribution.’
    • ‘Living in the shadows of quasi-legality, abandonware, programs once commercially sold now absent from store shelves, are popular on the Net.’
    • ‘"There's basically no such thing as 'abandonware' and it's illegal to offer those games for download," he says.’
    • ‘There are also open-source projects that have become "abandonware" due to loss of interest by the parties that started them, and no one yet picking up the torch.’
    • ‘Some developers willingly release their older software titles into the public domain making them legally Abandonware but a large number of titles labelled as such are not technically free for public access.’
    • ‘In the case of Abandonware, if it can be proven that a company knew their products were being illegally distributed but did nothing about it then the copyright over that particular licence can be lost.’
    • ‘There are many warez sites which want to hide behind the cover of abandonware.’
    • ‘The creators of software have control over their creations by means of copyright and trademarks; users of warez and abandonware sidestep that control for their own ends.’
    • ‘Many popular abandonware sites have subsequently been abandoned.’