Meaning of abaxial in English:


Pronunciation /aˈbaksɪəl/


  • Facing away from the stem of a plant (in particular denoting the lower surface of a leaf).

    The opposite of adaxial

    ‘The environments of the adaxial and abaxial leaf surface differ in many ways.’
    • ‘The abaxial surface of the leaf was painted with nail varnish to obtain a transparent surface mould.’
    • ‘The locations of each cell type on the abaxial or adaxial leaf epidermis are shown in Fig.1.’
    • ‘Adaxial and abaxial leaflet surfaces were observed using scanning electron microscopy.’
    • ‘This method resulted in transparent replicas of the adaxial and abaxial leaf surface.’
    • ‘A new leaf forms on the adaxial side of a pre-existing leaf and also on the abaxial side of a leaf on flowering shoots.’
    • ‘The two adaxial sepals are formed in succession, and the two abaxial petals become visible.’
    • ‘Major differences in fluorescence responses were detected between adaxial and abaxial tissues of sun leaves.’
    • ‘Juvenile leaves do not have abaxial trichomes whereas adult leaves do.’
    • ‘An undulating, thick cuticle covers a primary wall of the surface of abaxial epidermal cells.’