Meaning of cab-forward in English:



  • Denoting a design of car or truck in which the driver's or passenger compartment is placed so as to extend further forward than the standard position.

    ‘According to the company, the concept truck, with its cab-forward design, focuses on offering sedan-like ride, handling, space, comfort and luxury.’
    • ‘They then played with cab-forward design, edgy lines and the militaristic hard-edged style that dominated last year's auto show circuit.’
    • ‘Compared to today's cars where you can't even see the bonnet due to their cab-forward design, its quite a departure for those not familiar with the Morgan design.’
    • ‘That cab-forward design means the front corners are clearly visible and the car is more easily placed on the road than in most modern saloons.’
    • ‘For instance, the company believed in the 1990's that a competitor had misappropriated its innovative cab-forward truck design.’
    • ‘The company's pioneering cab-forward look suddenly becomes the obvious way to do the four-door pickup with still enough bed space.’
    • ‘It is the very cab-forward style of the windscreen which I think gives the model much of its stylistic attraction, almost in a continuous line with the bonnet.’
    • ‘That ‘fire in the belly’ had given the company some of the industry's best-selling vehicles, including the minivans and cab-forward vehicles, which brought far more interior space to the family sedan.’
    • ‘There's also a lot more room, as the car is bigger in almost every dimension, and the use of a strong cab-forward styling also allows extra room to be created, particularly for those in the back seat.’
    • ‘The fact that the engine is transversely mounted allows for the cab-forward look of the cabin and, critically, for a third row of seats which fold into the floor when not in use.’
    • ‘He once had a big roundhouse, servicing mostly the huge cab-forward engines for the Donner Pass route.’
    • ‘It means very thick A-pillars, and along with the very cab-forward scuttle, this can cause blind spots on twisty roads.’