Meaning of caboclo in English:


Pronunciation /kəˈbəʊkləʊ/

nounplural noun caboclos

  • 1(in Brazil) an indigenous person.

    ‘Starting in Manicore, they explored the neighboring areas in a rented speedboat, visiting riverbank settlements and showing photos of Little Fellow to the caboclos there, asking hundreds of people if they had ever seen any such monkey.’
    • ‘The study's intent is to reveal how the largely subsistence economies of the people of the river's mouth, the caboclos, illustrate a sustainable alternative to the rapacious nature of Amazonian development today.’
    • ‘When he wishes to indicate people of American Indian physical type in the Reconcavo, he generally says caboclo.’
    1. 1.1A Brazilian of mixed white and indigenous or black and indigenous ancestry.
      ‘And he only partially addresses the broader economic pressures of poverty that caboclos face as the overall Brazilian economy continues along its uncertain path.’
      • ‘Jeanette was moved by the grace and dignity of the Brazilian caboclos who live along the river.’
      • ‘This paper analyzes the festival from an anthropological perspective, suggesting its interpretation as a contemporary cultural movement that, while enhancing regional indigenous roots, expresses a positive statement of a Brazilian ‘caboclo,’ or mestizo, cultural identity.’
      • ‘In 1940 there were 60 individuals living in a village located on the upper Cairari, but in 1948 the group consisted of barely 32 individuals, including a Brazilian caboclo married to an Indian woman.’


Brazilian Portuguese, perhaps from Tupi Kaa-boc ‘person having copper-coloured skin’.