Meaning of cacheable in English:



See cache

‘These plugins could be local or distributed, like locally cacheable web services.’
  • ‘Customers will be expected to run some web services at the edge, primarily involving presentation layer and other cacheable data, while other more database-driven application logic will remain at the origin site.’
  • ‘The problem occurs when a 4M page is being used by more than 1 thing, some of which are cacheable and some of which are not.’
  • ‘With anywhere from 30 to 50 per cent of web objects being cacheable, this ‘scan once, serve many’ approach is the crucial element to deliver the adequate levels of performance and latency for web traffic virus scanning.’
  • ‘They use URLs to locate remote resources, HTML for its simple, universally understood method of creating hyperlinked documents and HTTP because it is reliable, simple, universal and cacheable.’