Meaning of cachou in English:


nounplural noun cachous

  • A pleasant-smelling lozenge sucked to mask bad breath.

    ‘Some of these, such as medicinal lozenges and scented cachous, have declined in popularity in the 20th century; but others, such as mints and sherbet, are still consumed enthusiastically.’
    • ‘The predecessors of little floral cachous were used by court ladies as breath-fresheners.’
    • ‘By referring to the notes we can learn that Davitt and Parnell were two Irish politicians of the time, and that a cachou was a popular cashew candy (the brushes aren't explained).’
    • ‘While in the mouth, the cachou will also help us prevent oral bacteria and confer us a fresh breath.’



/ˈkaʃuː/ /kəˈʃuː/


Late 16th century (in the sense ‘catechu’): from French, from Portuguese cachu, from Malay kacu. The current sense dates from the early 18th century.