Meaning of cadaveric in English:


Pronunciation /kəˈdav(ə)rɪk/


literary Medicine

See cadaver

‘Consequently, the safeguards protecting confidentiality and enhancing consent that allow for ethical use of cadavers and cadaveric tissues from hospital autopsies for education and research are not in place.’
  • ‘The surgeon then aseptically packs the cadaveric kidneys in additional iced solution and packages them in sterile iced containers.’
  • ‘Finally, perceptions of ethical acceptability were variable within items, indicating considerable disagreement among medical examiners on the research use of cadaveric tissues.’
  • ‘Four studies used cadaveric donors only, and four studies included both cadaveric and living donors.’
  • ‘The shortage of cadaveric organs has led surgeons to look to live donors to close that gap.’