Meaning of caddis worm in English:

caddis worm


  • The soft-bodied aquatic larva of a caddis fly, used as fishing bait.

    ‘Eurasian dippers usually feed on the larvae of aquatic insects like caddis worms and beetles.’
    • ‘Or you may have a lot of red mites or caddis worms in your pond - they love to eat amphibian eggs.’
    • ‘We could fish for tiddlers or caddis worms, paddle or swim, make camps or bird watch - the fields were ours.’
    • ‘Speaking of caddis worms there are still a lot of them crawling around out there.’
    • ‘Many fly fishers have used the Pott flies and feel they are a good caddis imitation for both the caddis worm and the emerging caddis pupa.’