Meaning of Cadmean in English:


Pronunciation /kadˈmiːən/


  • Relating to Cadmus.

    ‘In any event Cadmean Thebes identified itself with the religious capital of old Thebes in Egypt.’
    • ‘The Akkadians were able to adapt Sumerian cuneiform and the Greeks were able to adapt Cadmean letters because the vestigial iconic aspects of these writing systems were overlooked or ignored.’
    • ‘Ben Franklin started the Cadmean Chautauqua and Lyceum Association and later became the president of the Associated Chautauqua of America.’
    • ‘The Celtic Druids, or, An attempt to shew that the Druids were the priests of oriental colonies who emigrated from India, and were the introducers of the first or Cadmean system of letters, and the builders of Stonehenge, of Carnac, and of other cyclopean works in Asia and Europe’
    • ‘The circular and isolated hill upon which the present town stands will recall to his mind the ancient features of the Cadmean citadel.’