Meaning of cadmium cell in English:

cadmium cell


  • A primary electric cell with a cathode of cadmium amalgam and an electrolyte of saturated cadmium sulphate solution, used in laboratories as a standard of electromotive force.

    ‘Many devices are powered by nickel cadmium cells.’
    • ‘He worked many years for the company and knows just about everything there is to know about nickel cadmium cells.’
    • ‘The power capacity of nickel cadmium cells is not as high as some other battery types, but nickel cadmium cells are rechargeable, which reduces inspection costs.’
    • ‘The endurance of nickel cadmium cells will be about half that of alkaline cells.’
    • ‘Although the high power drain resistance properties of these cells particularly in cold operating conditions is not as good as the nickel cadmium cells and the life expectancy is usually 4-6 years, the cells offer weight and price advantages and make an ideal alternative for small lightweight underwater lamps for the travelling sport diver.’