Meaning of cadmium yellow in English:

cadmium yellow


mass noun
  • 1A bright yellow pigment containing cadmium sulphide. Deeper versions are called cadmium orange; the addition of cadmium selenide gives cadmium red.

    ‘There are permanent greens, yellow ocher, cadmium orange, ultramarine blue and bright yellow - to name a few from memory.’
    • ‘He recites the five light-saturated, monochromatic, proscenium-sized drops like a mantra: ‘Cadmium light red, burnt sienna, cadmium yellow, deep blue, and cadmium red.’’
    • ‘Methodical studies in a sketchbook show the results of stumbling various colors over a dark red composed of cadmium red and umber.’
    • ‘At the very least I am living proof that turpentine, cadmium red, burnt sienna, Venetian red et al are not carcinogenic.’
    • ‘In this work, the simplest of the five paintings here, a sleeping young woman's face, set among pillows, is sketched with penlike strokes on a burnt sienna ground that has amorphous areas of cadmium orange and hot pink.’
    • ‘His use of screechingly synthetic hues - here cadmium orange - against dull grays and browns, is boldly ironic.’
    • ‘In one example, he exuberantly adds a tube's worth of cadmium orange as he draws the simple outline, caught up in the enjoyment of painting.’
    • ‘This painting plays the deep purple of bare woods off against bright green and cadmium yellow and a gratuitous, limit-testing swipe of pink in the left foreground.’
    • ‘In one painting faceless women clutch one another in their grief, the vivid hues of their shrouds, ranging from earth tones to intense cadmium yellow, glowing out of a bluish twilight that models forms classically.’
    • ‘While some paintings appear reworked over time, others, like this one, with its cadmium yellow, hot pink, tomato red and bolt of light green, seem almost to have happened by themselves.’
    • ‘Untitled, from 1984, is an abstraction of long brushy passes of bright purple, orange, cadmium yellow, red and turquoise.’
    1. 1.1A bright yellow colour.
      • ‘A shock of red feathers rims the beak like a bonnet, and one of the chicks had a splotch of cadmium yellow on its head.’