Meaning of caecal in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsiːkəl/


(US cecal)

See caecum

‘The artery may also arise from the ileal, posterior cecal, or anterior cecal branch of the ileocecal artery.’
  • ‘The ‘volcano sign’ described endoscopically is seen as a ‘vortical fold’ pattern on barium studies, which is the concentric ring appearance of the cecal mucosal folds as they approach the obstructed appendiceal orifice.’
  • ‘Through a midline laparotomy, the cecal and ileocecal junction was identified.’
  • ‘The absence of any upper-abdominal pain, nausea, and cramps suggests that the melena is of cecal or right colonic origin.’
  • ‘At surgery, 24 patients had perforation, and three required cecal resection.’