Meaning of danger money in English:

danger money


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(North American danger pay)
mass noun
  • Extra payment for working under dangerous conditions.

    ‘It is perfectly legal to offer inducements (higher salary, etc) to workers in exchange for them giving up certain right (which is why people who handle hazardous waste get paid danger money to do so).’
    • ‘He is pleading for another chance and wants to head abroad to a place where he can get an exceptionally high wage, but only because the money is danger money.’
    • ‘Safety is also paramount in an industry where relatively high wages (a basic pay of 80,000 for a rig manager) clearly include danger money.’
    • ‘The mechanics get no danger money and it's almost impossible for them to find life insurance.’
    • ‘Soldiers serving in Somalia during that period received imminent danger pay of $150 per month - or about $5 a day.’
    • ‘For commissioned officers, the monthly tax exclusion is capped at the highest enlisted pay, plus any hostile or imminent danger pay received.’
    • ‘But no amount of danger pay could make up for the tragic fact that SARS left two nurses dead, while making dozens more ill.’