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danger signal

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  • 1A railway signal indicating that the line is not clear and instructing the driver to halt.

    ‘Transport Secretary Stephen Byers was last night facing mounting pressure to act to stop train drivers going through danger signals amid fears that the incidents are putting passengers' lives at risk.’
    • ‘Two trains collided outside Paddington station after one of them passed a partially obscured red danger signal.’
    • ‘Rail safety inspectors say there are "significant weaknesses" in the way train companies deal with the problem of drivers going through danger signals.’
    • ‘A RUSH-hour train was derailed outside one of Yorkshire's busiest stations yesterday after it went past a danger signal.’
    • ‘In particular, seven Cityrail drivers have been stood down in the past month for allegedly passing through red danger signals without clearance.’
    • ‘An investigation was under way last night after a train derailed in Airdrie having apparently travelled through a red danger signal.’
    • ‘Automatic train protection equipment will provide additional safety measures by monitoring the progress of each train and having the capability of bringing any train to an automatic stop in the event of it passing a danger signal.’
    • ‘Only four days ago a train leaving Leeds City Station was derailed after apparently being driven past a danger signal.’
    • ‘In four instances it was not the first time that the driver had passed a danger signal.’
    • ‘Less visible, but equally important, passenger accidents are down 23%, and the number of trains passing danger signals has fallen by 34%.’
    • ‘Train companies are still putting lives at risk by allowing drivers with poor records of passing danger signals to continue driving.’
    • ‘Last August a collision between a commuter train and a Eurostar service was narrowly avoided after the Connex South Eastern train started from a station against a danger signal.’
    • ‘Troubled rail company Arriva has been criticised for having one of the worst records in the country for the number of trains running through danger signals.’
    • ‘The report recommends a safety examination of the layout of Paddington and that train protection and warning systems be introduced to prevent trains going through danger signals.’
    • ‘Mr Kellow wants to see sophisticated warning systems fitted, like those already operating in other European countries, to prevent trains going through danger signals, rather than cheaper alternatives.’
    • ‘A damning catalogue of Railtrack failures - including not acting on trains passing danger signals - led to the Paddington crash that claimed 31 lives, the official report into the tragedy concluded yesterday.’
    • ‘On average a train driver passes only one signal at danger in 17 years, yet there are drivers who have been allowed to continue controlling passenger trains after passing through anything up to six danger signals.’
    • ‘The new system, the European Rail Traffic Management System, would prevent trains going through danger signals, a peril which a Yorkshire Post investigation highlighted last year.’
    • ‘His comments came after figures last week showed the number of incidents of trains passing danger signals was increasing and that complaints from passengers last year rose sharply.’
    • ‘ATP uses computerised equipment in the train and on the track to automatically stop a train going up to 200 mph from passing through danger signals.’
  • 2An indication that a bad or dangerous situation is likely to develop.

    ‘a rise in tobacco use by teenagers is a danger signal’
    • ‘She got the danger signal from him loud and clear - but she was still going to buy this thing, dammit.’
    • ‘He walked out and started giving the danger signal (thumping his good foot loudly) and so I went to pick him up.’
    • ‘Normal mice quickly learned that the sound was a danger signal, and responded by freezing.’
    • ‘An unusually high or record open interest in a bull market is a danger signal.’
    • ‘When the market has risen steeply, that spells a danger signal to shrewd investors, and it may well be time to sell out and lock in your profits.’
    • ‘On a notable day in July the cub was snoozing with his sisters within the band of trees, ears alert for danger signals.’
    • ‘Our current levels of income inequality should be a danger signal to anyone concerned about our children's future.’
    • ‘These officers may know nothing about the stock market or other companies, but the fact that they are so aggressively pursuing the sale of their own stock is a danger signal that should not be ignored.’
    • ‘It is essential in the first place to learn the danger signals - to recognize the means by which an individual citizen or a political party may be able to get more power than is safe.’
    • ‘Tell her about the danger signals, about asthma, what she should ask for medical-wise.’
    • ‘Of every 10 patients, four said that they were not told about how to look after themselves and what danger signals to look out for.’
    • ‘Specific problems identified by all patients included not being told about the purpose and side effects of medications; restrictions in activity, work, and food; danger signals to watch for at home; and what to do to help recovery.’
    • ‘It is an excellent resource about how one develops good physical habits, recognizing danger signals and understanding ‘why.’’
    • ‘However, this simply means that a more aggressive portfolio needs more careful monitoring, and adjustments should be made when danger signals arise or opportunities beckon.’
    • ‘If the fund managers are doing their jobs correctly, they will buy into markets and sectors as they see opportunities arising in the short term, and sell out as they see peaks or danger signals.’
    • ‘What are some of the danger signals of excessive internet use?’
    • ‘Moments later, a police officer walks in and is shot, because the officer didn't pick up on the danger signals.’
    • ‘James backed up, immediately realizing the danger signals of a girl who had not had enough sleep the night before.’
    • ‘Is he empowered to buy & sell funds as he sees opportunities and danger signals?’
    • ‘Another man noted that there were danger signals from the beginning of his marriage.’