Meaning of eagle owl in English:

eagle owl

Pronunciation /ˈiːɡl aʊl/


  • A very large Old World owl with ear tufts and a deep hoot.

    Genus Bubo, family Strigidae: several species

    ‘Children were thrilled to be able to stroke a beautiful barn owl, while an enormous eagle owl, a tawny owl, a kestrel and a turkey vulture called George looked on.’
    • ‘We may find some consolation in taking a look at a smaller relative of the eagle owl, the short-eared owl, which is fairly widespread in parts of Britain.’
    • ‘The eagle owl that made a flying visit to Market Street, Haverfordwest, last week spent most of the weekend playing hide and seek with his owners.’
    • ‘Local bird enthusiasts have questioned whether Solly is, as his owners believe, a European, rather than an African eagle owl.’
    • ‘A leading animal expert has promised to come to Bolton in a bid to catch a rare eagle owl which has been circling the town all week.’