Meaning of eagle ray in English:

eagle ray


  • A large marine ray with long pointed pectoral fins, a long tail, and a distinct head.

    Family Myliobatidae: genera Myliobatis and Aetobatus, and several species

    ‘While he has never heard of a fatal attack by a spotted eagle ray, Cowen says it is quite common for the animals to leap out of the water.’
    • ‘Spiny urchins crawl over much of the fairly lifeless rock, but we do see a moray, some curious wrasse and an eagle ray.’
    • ‘At one point, a huge puffer vied for attention with an even bigger hogfish, while an eagle ray dug into the sand beneath an overhang of soft corals.’
    • ‘On one dive an eagle ray passed me within 10 feet, lazily winging its way across the grassy flats.’
    • ‘We were halfway through a dive when a beautiful eagle ray came flapping out of the blue, skimming over us and plunging into the sand to pick up some lunch.’