Meaning of ear candy in English:

ear candy


mass noun informal
  • Light popular music that is pleasant and entertaining but intellectually undemanding.

    • ‘the album is mostly ear candy—upbeat melodies and catchy choruses that you can't get out of your head’
    • ‘One of the better dance numbers on the album with some tricky mellow vibes and a synth riff that verges on ear candy - the track simply sizzles.’
    • ‘These songs are sweeping ear candy with to-die-for melodies and accomplished solos.’
    • ‘Van Dyk's sound represents the best of trance: equal parts groove testosterone and melodious ear candy.’
    • ‘They pumped out some of the best ear candy of the entire event.’
    • ‘The rhymes often bounce between insightful social observation and authentic old-school wordplay, making for great late-night ear candy.’
    • ‘This mini-CD isn't essential, but is yet another example of how easily noise is transformed into ear candy.’
    • ‘It's the subsequent addition of multi-tracked vocal counterpoint, maracas, and vibes that turns it into a delectable piece of ear candy.’
    • ‘It's excellent and well-executed ear candy, nonetheless.’
    • ‘If Bondy wants to build a career out of continually rearranging his influences to create grungy ear candy, that's certainly his right.’
    • ‘The rhythmic elements are mixed adroitly with other ear candy - eerie reversed voices, a single chanted syllable, electronic murmurs and howls.’
    • ‘However, you must trust me in that this album is a beautifully melodic, alt-country-flavoured piece of ear candy.’
    • ‘Many of the CD's songs begin very innocuously, fooling us into thinking Hole produces nice ear candy.’
    • ‘It's ear candy, but ear candy of the highest quality (although not as infectious as 1998's Hello Rockview).’
    • ‘If you have an appreciation for the well-crafted yet uncommon work of art, this album will be ear candy for you too.’
    • ‘On the surface the song is a ballad of pure ear candy, but the last line pitches a curve ball by revealing the protagonist's true love interest.’
    • ‘After three pieces of varyingly challenging ear candy, Ravel was refreshing in how he makes no concessions to the conventions of the listener.’
    • ‘The game's audio is a fantastic display of fantasy mixed with mystery, compelling wales and engulfing RPG style ear candy.’
    • ‘Nary a moment goes by without some sort of ear candy peppering the film's audio.’
    • ‘Sounds aren't just ear candy though, as they play an important role in the game as well.’
    • ‘It was purely supposed to be ear candy, where every single song made you feel good.’