Meaning of ear defenders in English:

ear defenders

plural noun

  • Plugs or earmuffs which protect the eardrums from loud or persistent noise.

    ‘It may emerge that the gloves, goggles, ear defenders and caps in the famous photograph were indeed precautions for the prisoners' comfort and safety.’
    • ‘Some may have been wearing ear defenders to protect themselves from the sound of plant machinery.’
    • ‘When the guns fire, the noise is thunderous and ear-splitting, even through ear defenders.’
    • ‘Health and Safety note - the young guy did put ear defenders on eventually.’
    • ‘Those in the know come equipped with ear defenders or sleek noise-cancelling headphones.’
    • ‘And don't forget the ear defenders if you do venture into her domain.’
    • ‘This is not for the fainthearted; indeed ear defenders will be available.’
    • ‘Five days ago you couldn't keep this cat in, well not without the aid of ear defenders at any rate.’
    • ‘Binaural masking noise (similar to environmental noise) was presented over headphones, first occluding with modified tympanometry earpieces and then with ear defenders.’
    • ‘But in many cases the precaution may be tedious or uncomfortable, for example the need to use ear defenders in noisy surroundings or breathing apparatus in dusty ones.’
    • ‘Three very ordinary looking men of around 50, one wearing industrial ear defenders.’