Meaning of earbashing in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɪəbaʃɪŋ/


informal British
  • A lengthy and reproachful speech.

    • ‘I picked up the phone and gave him an earbashing’
    • ‘Not only did I have to deal with the whole homesickness issues while out there, I got back to a major earbashing off my Gran.’
    • ‘Noisy yobs who make life a misery for city residents are getting their own earbashing with the latest police campaign - Operation Earache.’
    • ‘After Stamp took an earbashing from the Rugby Park fans and a yellow card from Hugh Dallas for a crunching tackle on Peter Canero, Hearts made their second goal of the day.’
    • ‘We were working with Rob on a building site at the time and every time he'd see you he'd give you a good earbashing.’
    • ‘Derethar was about to give him an earbashing for being an idiot, but then realised he was probably right.’
    • ‘Despite my drunken earbashing, he still seemed to think that harassing me would somehow be of benefit to me.’