Meaning of Earl Grey in English:

Earl Grey

Pronunciation /ˌəːl ˈɡreɪ/


mass noun
  • A kind of China tea flavoured with bergamot.

    ‘a cup of Earl Grey’
    • ‘Earl Grey tea’
    • ‘Five days a week, I pack up my laptop, set myself up with some Earl Grey tea, and write my childish, disappointing prose.’
    • ‘And I want an Earl Grey tea, with honey if you've got it.’
    • ‘You can put the kettle on, drink some Earl Grey tea, and feel comfortable and safe.’
    • ‘I start the computer and pad into the kitchen in barefeet to switch the teapot on and get some Earl Grey ready for the first cup.’
    • ‘She sips some Earl Grey and smiles.’
    • ‘A basic brew at Mumbo is £1.50, an Earl Grey £1.75 and a more exotic Golden Valley 2000 Assam is £2.25.’
    • ‘He enjoys an Earl Grey in a small pub known as the Knave of Hearts in the heart of Oxfordshire.’


Probably named after the 2nd Earl Grey (1764–1845).