Meaning of early adopter in English:

early adopter


  • A person who starts using a product or technology as soon as it becomes available.

    ‘You need to be able to sell the product to early adopters.’
    • ‘If integration is the answer, then somebody needs to start integrating, and getting products out to the early adopters.’
    • ‘The next wave of people to buy the product are known as early adopters.’
    • ‘The site draws a high volume of high-quality readers who are early adopters and enthusiasts of technology products.’
    • ‘Most people who read blogs are early adopters of technology, meaning if they answer they will affirm their use of several kinds of communications technology.’
    • ‘The images confirm that early adopters of technology often have wads of disposable income.’
    • ‘In it, the authors talk about taking products that sell well for the early adopter, uber-geeks and positioning them for the mainstream, less technical audience.’
    • ‘These technology advances have removed many of the impediments encountered by early adopters of cluster computing technology.’
    • ‘This is possibly the first time in history - and almost certainly the last - that traffic wardens are volunteered for a brigade of technology early adopters.’
    • ‘‘Business travellers will be the early adopters of this technology,’ said Cullen.’
    • ‘The exposure helps increase the company's stock price and creates a rapid demand for the technology among early adopters.’
    • ‘The company is talking to operators about licensing its technology and Bisaz expects early adopters to begin offering it to customers by the beginning of next year.’
    • ‘The additives are intended primarily for early adopters of new technology, says the senior engineer.’
    • ‘It was an early adopter of technology that in the 1980s replaced the old mechanical spinning reels with digital chips.’
    • ‘I spent a few years being what the marketing people call an early adopter, buying new technology only to find it a lot cheaper in six months time.’
    • ‘Does being an early adopter of technology make it more difficult for you to stay in touch with regular people?’
    • ‘Technology moves on; the cost of being an early adopter doesn't.’
    • ‘Any allegedly countercultural activity eventually comes full circle and the early adopters say ‘it's not how it used to be.’’
    • ‘In this case, it's becoming fairly clear that people who are listening to digital music and in connected ways are very definitely more like early adopters than they are freaks.’
    • ‘If the government showed as much brio encouraging computer literacy as the Dudley Grid for Learning, we would be a nation of tech-savvy early adopters by now.’