Meaning of gabion in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡeɪbɪən/


  • A basket or container filled with earth, stones, or other material and used in civil engineering works or (formerly) fortifications.

    ‘Kuo said the slope remained stable during Mindulle because a permeable structure consisting of large stones wrapped in gabions, or metal cylinders, prevented any landslides.’
    • ‘She's also been experimenting with gabions, rectangular wire-mesh baskets filled with rocks that are used to shore up riverbanks in the West and beyond.’
    • ‘In several cases, the concrete rubble and rock have been used in place of concrete or gabions to build weirs that slow water velocity to control downcutting of the wash channel.’
    • ‘In front of the winery facades, the architects placed gabions, or wire containers filled with stones.’
    • ‘At many construction sites along the highway, Ku and thousands of workers used cobbles, which are densely packed in gabions, to build firm and solid embankments.’
    • ‘Following public concern over the disaster, gabions - wire cages filled with stone - were positioned at the bottom of the M62 embankment to prevent another vehicle running off the motorway on to the railway.’
    • ‘The new residential estate that featured the gabions (stones in wire cages) was attractive also together with new estate with pleasant green areas on the Kilmallock approach.’
    • ‘The lower blocks are in concrete clad in gabions filled with site granite; roofs are planted with indigenous flora.’
    • ‘For example, ecological engineering methods such as using gabions or pilings tied together with nets to protect hillsides produce softer structures, while bridge columns or dam structures require stiffer designs.’
    • ‘Cobbles are densely confined in gabions to form substantial units of amenity embankments.’
    • ‘A metal plate is embedded between the gabions for fire protection.’
    • ‘From factor 5, it appears that the bridge has been scored with reference to the gabions put in place by the Highways Agency after the accident.’
    • ‘An elliptical forecourt, lined to left and right with gabions, is scarcely preparation for what happens at the top of the generous ramp which leads up through the portico.’
    • ‘A plan to place rock-filled wire gabions to shore up the coastline was denied by the local town council because of the area's environmental sensitivity.’
    • ‘Immediately after the explosion, the besiegers could assault the fortress or extend their sap trenches into the crater and reinforce them with gabions.’
    • ‘The modular nature of the gabion means that it can be used in a vast array of applications and configurations.’
    • ‘At the end of the project, therefore, the first gabion is connected with the last gabion, no matter how many baskets are used in the construction, creating a monolithic gravity mass structure.’
    • ‘Hy-Ten designs and supplies gabions in both welded mesh and woven mesh, click on the links below to find out more about our product ranges.’
    • ‘With environmental issues now of more concern than in the past, gabions offer a more natural solution to previously designed concrete walls and channels.’
    • ‘Our gabions are made from prefabricated Class III zinc-coated 9 or 11 gauge welded wire mesh fabric with a 3’ x 3’ spacing, and may be field cut to fit curves, culverts, or angles.’


Mid 16th century via French from Italian gabbione, from gabbia ‘cage’, from Latin cavea.