Meaning of gabled in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡeɪbld/

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‘It has two three-bay kilns with pyramid-shaped roofs and raised flat-topped flues and a timber-framed lucam - a projecting loading door with a gabled roof through which barley was hoisted into the building to be turned into malt.’
  • ‘Two gabled mansions with curly upturned eaves are connected by a horizontal two-storey section, topped with yellow-bodied, blue-headed dragons with large pointy teeth and tails thrashing the air.’
  • ‘Eerie sounds emit from the dark, gabled building just about 50 meters from her bedroom window, from which she peeks and stares, trying to decipher what unsavory shenanigans are being committed over there.’
  • ‘As your ship passes three- and four-story Dutch colonial buildings with steep, gabled tile roofs and small dormer windows, you spot streets, too narrow for autos, lined with shops.’
  • ‘Take a brisk walk along the waterfront to admire the modern sculptures and shoals of kayakers, and then take a more leisurely amble upwards to appreciate the grand villas and gabled weatherboard terraces of the hillside suburbs.’