Meaning of gadgetry in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡadʒɪtri/

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mass noun
  • Small mechanical or electronic devices or tools, especially ingenious or novel ones.

    ‘the very latest in electronic gadgetry’
    • ‘I shudder at the sight of all the contemporary gadgetry.’
    • ‘Devising a strategy was left to a mid-level executive who had no experience with high-tech gadgetry.’
    • ‘For months, he steered clear of phones with cameras, fearful that handling the click-on gadgetry would be complicated.’
    • ‘This solar house manages considerable energy saving through passive means without excessive costs or gadgetry.’
    • ‘This increasing reliance on network-accessible gadgetry will return to haunt us.’
    • ‘Touchpads are very sexy, I think, and the small gadgetry should go over very well.’
    • ‘Comfort and relaxation are assured when a house is free of clutter and of noisy, high-maintenance gadgetry.’
    • ‘Some community members express concern that modern gadgetry is replacing detailed knowledge of sea ice.’
    • ‘You and I, living in a swiftly changing technological age, stubbornly cling to what is now considered antiquated gadgetry.’
    • ‘Acres of stands stacked with glittering, incomprehensible gadgetry and optically hostile clothing.’