Meaning of gadrooned in English:



See gadroon

‘The gadrooned column and lobed bun feet of the games table illustrated in Figure 5 are typical of the heavy silhouettes associated with the late 1820s and the 1830s, and the use of ebony or ebonized wood emphasizes these elements.’
  • ‘In both pattern books and extant artifacts, quilted feathers resemble the gadrooned edgings of seventeenth-and eighteenth-century furniture and fine metalwares.’
  • ‘The edges and joints are dressed with slender sterling silver wire, both plain and delicately gadrooned, which more durably conceals the copper at the edges than plated moldings.’
  • ‘The porringer in Plate VIII, one of only four known English examples with relief-cast gadrooned decoration, has even finer decoration.’
  • ‘Fluted and gadrooned surfaces were common decorative finishes, as well as the chasing of floral and foliate motifs and mythological scenes.’