Meaning of gadrooning in English:



See gadroon

‘The delicate gadrooning on the foot and lid rim and the bell-shaped finial are features of the late phases of the rococo style and were fashionable in Philadelphia silver made just prior to the American Revolution.’
  • ‘The unorthodox carved decoration of the ears of the crest rail and the gadrooning applied under the seat rails as well as the modern-looking surface led some scholars to conclude that this set was out of period.’
  • ‘Many are decorated with a different pattern on either side of the handle, usually gadrooning on one side and repeated circular dimples on the other.’
  • ‘The cabinet design was exquisite with many curves, fluted pillars, gadrooning and contrasting veneers.’
  • ‘Timbales, or beakers with no stem, typically had much gadrooning and other decoration.’