Meaning of gadwall in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡadwɔːl/

nounplural noun gadwall, plural noun gadwalls

  • A brownish-grey freshwater duck found across Eurasia and North America.

    Anas strepera, family Anatidae

    ‘Other migratory birds observed in the shallow waters were bar headed geese, open bill storks, northern pintails, gadwalls, curlews, black tailed godwits, spoonbills, green shanks, red shanks and so on.’
    • ‘Beyond teal, his hunters returned with mixed straps that included shovelers, gadwalls and mottled ducks.’
    • ‘During teal season, hunters must be careful not to shoot the occasional shoveler, pintail or gadwall flying alone, which provide no size reference, or rolling with a squadron of teal.’
    • ‘With their drab plumage, it is not unusual to mistake a gadwall for a hen mallard at a distance.’
    • ‘On the sounds, widgeon, teal, gadwalls, pintails and black ducks concentrate following a freeze.’


Mid 17th century of unknown origin.