Meaning of gagging law in English:

gagging law


(North American gag law)
  • A law forbidding the public disclosure of information on a particular matter.

    ‘the gag law prohibits the publication of polling data for the last few days preceding a federal election’
    • ‘In Minnesota, the U.S. Supreme Court declared state gag laws an unconstitutional prior restraint on speech.’
    • ‘The gag law prevents people from having access to ideas that might help them make a more educated decision during an election.’
    • ‘While the gag law isn't the end of democracy in Canada, it certainly is a major blow to it.’
    • ‘In Canada, though, this will be less of a problem since we have gag law legislation.’
    • ‘A newspaper was shut down under Minnesota's gag law for accusing a mayor of being under the control of a gangster.’
    • ‘The proposed gagging law would have a chilling effect on British democracy and our right to speak up on issues that matter to us.’
    • ‘The Lobbying Act - in reality, a gagging law - imposes onerous new regulations on nongovernmental organisations.’
    • ‘This Government's gagging law is an attack on democracy with unfair consequences for charities in Plymouth.’
    • ‘Some protesters wore tape on their mouths and carried signs calling the law a "gagging law".’