Meaning of good-hearted in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɡʊdˈhɑːtɪd/


  • Kind and well meaning.

    ‘a good-hearted woman who tried to do her best’
    • ‘Ibbotson is dextrous with pace and suspense, accessible, always amusing, and a treat to read aloud, and the book is both joyously light-hearted and profoundly good-hearted.’
    • ‘Her good-hearted hubby (gently played by Wynters) knows better, but indulges her anyway - with a plan of his own waiting on the back burner.’
    • ‘One in five family sessions of traditional board games ends in some good-hearted wheeler dealing, according to research conducted to mark the start of National Game Playing Week on Monday.’
    • ‘But both are sincere, dedicated, good-hearted people.’
    • ‘And so begins a good-hearted, extremely cartoony adventure, with Rodriguez's trademark homemade special effects and music.’
    • ‘And the movie itself is I think very good-hearted at its core.’
    • ‘He was good-hearted about it, but good-hearted in the sort of way that people who know they're right can afford to be good-hearted.’
    • ‘And it's great - lively, funny and immensely good-hearted.’
    • ‘A fanatical Aberdeen Football Club supporter, he endures plenty of good-hearted stick from his colleagues about his allegiances with great good humour.’
    • ‘That naive misunderstanding summarizes the threat posed by this good-hearted, wrong-headed legislation.’
    • ‘The good-hearted Alberto is barely fazed by what he sees.’
    • ‘He is wretched, weak, ugly, inspiring contempt and disgust in not only all the supposedly good-hearted characters but also the reader.’
    • ‘He was a good-hearted man who loved me and his son.’
    • ‘Yesterday's marchers were good-hearted and well-intentioned.’
    • ‘The contributors give the impression that good-hearted planners can easily achieve their intended aims.’
    • ‘While it is a great shame that this year's York ride will not now take place, good-hearted cyclists can take comfort from the fact that a ride could be still be held in the future.’
    • ‘In many ways it's a send-up, but it's a good-hearted one.’
    • ‘I am sure that the Australian people want both a clear and cool-headed government and also a good-hearted government.’
    • ‘Inevitably, there will be atrocities that will cause many good-hearted people to defect from the cause.’
    • ‘People who are ‘good with kids’ always seem like the most genuine, good-hearted folk.’
    kind, kindly, kind-hearted, good-hearted, friendly, obliging, generous, charitable, magnanimous, gracious, sympathetic, benevolent, benign, altruistic, unselfish, selfless