Meaning of ice climbing in English:

ice climbing


mass noun
  • The sport or activity of climbing glaciers.

    ‘This involves climbing mixed faces of rock and ice requiring both excellent traditional rock climbing and technical ice climbing skills.’
    • ‘Michael, we know that in Europe ski mountaineering is considered as much a branch of mountaineering as say, ice climbing.’
    • ‘For more advanced mountaineers, there is the challenge of ice climbing.’
    • ‘She will also try her hand at ice climbing, mountaineering and trekking.’
    • ‘Gee, this ice climbing isn't as hard as they say!’
    • ‘Hinged crampons are used for mountaineering and snow climbing, not ice climbing.’
    • ‘I'm out of shape and contemplating the purchase of some ice climbing gear at Ebay.’
    • ‘We're also getting in some ice climbing practice as well as a few other new things.’
    • ‘The winter months were for ice climbing and tramping in the mountains.’
    • ‘When I started ice climbing - climbing frozen waterfalls - a lot of people said I was crazy, that I'd kill myself.’
    • ‘What we don't have certification on, such as ice climbing, we are getting through the base Outdoor Adventure Program staff.’
    • ‘We did some ice climbing just to get a sense of what it's like.’
    • ‘I love snow and ice climbing and I need to be able to get to the climbs.’
    • ‘Unless you plan on climbing steep couloirs at over 40 degrees, or ice climbing, use one of the super-lightweight axes now available.’
    • ‘Don't try to figure out ice climbing on your own.’
    • ‘‘Murray inspired a lot of young people to take up ice climbing,’ Marshall tells us, his eyes gleaming.’
    • ‘These snowshoes are ideal for ice climbing approaches.’
    • ‘Today, nine weeks later, is a big test: his first day of ice climbing.’
    • ‘He had started ice climbing a few months earlier, he explained, and now he was rock climbing, too.’
    • ‘Still, despite their age, they rocked that ice climbing challenge.’