Meaning of ice cream cornet in English:

ice cream cornet


  • A cone-shaped wafer filled with ice cream.

    ‘he held out the remains of his ice cream cornet’
    • ‘If you're daft enough to not watch where you're going, you're likely to walk into a mess of discarded noodles, a heap of fallen chips or a slippery ice cream cornet.’
    • ‘I'd have been there somewhere, stuffing my face with an ice cream cornet on the village green.’
    • ‘They licked their ice cream cornets and waited for a song.’
    • ‘The ice cream cornets are starting to melt.’
    • ‘Some ice cream cornets may be inappropriately rejected if their chocolate-containing tips overlap in the packaging.’
    • ‘This calorie bomb consists of a vanilla ice cream cornet, covered in clotted cream then rolled in roasted hazelnuts.’
    • ‘As a little girl in Portsmouth, a treat was to get an ice cream cornet from the van that came to our street at the weekend.’
    • ‘They sold ice cream cornets and had several flavours available (including vanilla, chocolate, plus I think strawberry, mint and honeycomb).’
    • ‘Lily, with her picture of a three scoop ice cream cornet, had won a schools' competition.’
    • ‘The only solution was to re-join the route and indulge in an ice-cream cornet on Aberdovey sea-front.’