Meaning of ice cream van in English:

ice cream van

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  • A commercial vehicle from which ice cream is sold, typically at the roadside.

    ‘she ran out to the ice cream van clutching her handful of change’
    • ‘The square was packed with workers (and an enterprising ice cream van) during the lunchtime break.’
    • ‘The two-year-old has more reason to smile than most tots his age when the ice cream van comes round.’
    • ‘The dry, sunny conditions were perfect for the festivities and numerous ice cream vans parked about the site did a roaring trade.’
    • ‘The couple also arranged for an ice cream van to be parked outside the three-star hotel, for anyone wanting dessert.’
    • ‘He reached adulthood before he realised that when the ice cream van played music, it did not, in fact, indicate it was out of ice cream.’
    • ‘The sun was shining, the birds were singing, ice cream vans were parked on every corner.’
    • ‘For the under-tens the main attraction is the ice cream van which has a regular stream of customers.’
    • ‘There were beer tents, bouncy castles, sponsor's messages, ice cream vans, replica shirts, blasts of pop music and a running commentary from the pavilion.’
    • ‘With 500 children spilling out of the school gates, there are more parked cars than ever, not to forget the ice cream van.’
    • ‘Somebody's already started going around my block in an ice cream van - before the daffodils are even certain of themselves yet.’