Meaning of ice field in English:

ice field

Pronunciation /ˈʌɪs fiːld/

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  • An expanse of ice, especially in polar regions.

    ‘On the other side is an ice field the size of Rhode Island.’
    • ‘Long lines of caribou headed down from the low hills, crossed the stream in front of us, and started over the ice field.’
    • ‘The rescue steamer proceeded cautiously through the ice field.’
    • ‘The ice field that carved south-eastern Alaska's Inner Passage withdrew after the last Ice Age, but only as far as the outskirts of town.’
    • ‘It is as if the great ice field had finally run out of energy when it reached the immovable mass of the Paine massif.’
    • ‘If you're carrying a cell phone, you'll think ‘I can cross that ice field, because if something goes wrong I'll just make a call.’’
    • ‘Three main types of glacier are constrained by topography: the ice fields, valley glaciers, and cirque glaciers.’
    • ‘Besides preserving the occasional frozen mummy, glaciers and ice fields contain evidence of the climates of long ago.’
    • ‘The scenery is superb as we trek through breathtaking ice fields, shimmering turquoise lakes and incredible towering forests.’
    • ‘The views from these heights are simply stunning, with glacial ice fields and granite peaks as far as the eye can see.’
    • ‘An unusually cold season had brought the ice fields off the coast of Antarctica farther out than ever previously recorded.’
    • ‘What had looked like another cloud bank sailing in high from the west turned out to be the ice fields of the Coast Range.’
    • ‘The rolling outwash plain here was formed by meltwater from glacial ice fields to the north.’
    • ‘Fairbanks, Alaska, is frigid and dark four months a year, separated from ‘the world’ by 2,300 miles - mostly wilderness and ice fields.’
    • ‘The five prisoners were marched through a hilly land speckled with small bushes and streams running from the northern ice fields.’
    • ‘Early in the season, you may have to ford streams that are swollen from melting snow or cross ice fields up high.’
    • ‘It was a good challenge to try to get here from the ice fields though.’
    • ‘The recommended harp seal quota for the Western ice fields (Jan Mayen area) has also been increased, from 13,100 to 17,500.’
    • ‘Within 60 years, we can predict a very significant reduction in the volume of high-altitude ice fields.’
    • ‘While he regularly painted outdoors - even on frozen ice fields - Kent also photographed scenes that appealed to him.’