Meaning of ice lolly in English:

ice lolly


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(also iced lolly)
  • A confection in the form of a piece of flavoured ice or ice cream on a stick.

    North American term popsicle

    ‘It is a natural ice lolly - sweet, light, refreshing, reviving.’
    • ‘I want to be playing on the swings in the park - eating an ice lolly.’
    • ‘This was a barrel of fish-heads and guts from the Walkers Cay fish-cleaning room, frozen into a giant ice lolly.’
    • ‘He had abducted Rosie when she went to buy an ice lolly at a shop near her home in Henrietta Street, Hartlepool.’
    • ‘Puzzled, Anna looked at Mary, calmly licking the surface of an orange ice lolly.’
    • ‘With the money, Johnny would get an ice lolly and his dad would get a cup of tea in a cafe.’
    • ‘She left an ice lolly by the computer and forgot about it.’
    • ‘Another parachute game was the finale to the day's events and a well-earned ice lolly eaten quietly in the shade was welcomed by all.’
    • ‘HB has also brought back the Fat Frog ice lolly this year.’
    • ‘On a Friday night, with the other kids, it's chocolate, crisps, ice lollies and sweets constantly.’
    • ‘I had eight in one day - the Rowntrees Fruit Pastille ice lollies are my current favourites.’
    • ‘We sat on the grass beneath a shady tree and ate ice lollies that dripped down the sticks and onto my socks.’
    • ‘Stop me and have a look - there are no cornets or ice lollies, but there is plenty of local history on offer in Yorkshire's most unusual museum.’
    • ‘Let's get out of here and buy some ice lollies.’
    • ‘However, Rice's trademark grin soon returned when Clough came back struggling manfully with 30 Orange Maid ice lollies.’
    • ‘Aid donations of ice lollies, frosted margaritas and magical free air conditioning units can be donated via the usual address.’
    • ‘But as the hounds were busy stealing ice lollies from the children, a loud whooping was heard from the ringside.’
    • ‘The nine and 10-year-olds organised a sponsored water carry and sold ice lollies to pupils.’
    • ‘The majority of people I saw were young adults, with banners in one hand and ice lollies in the other.’
    • ‘I have three boxes of four ice lollies, and just four days before Lisa arrives for the weekend.’