Meaning of ice over in English:

ice over

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phrasal verb

(also ice up)
  • also be iced overBecome covered or blocked with ice.

    ‘the wings iced over, forcing the pilot to dive’
    • ‘Because even as I speak the freezer is icing up nicely.’
    • ‘She could feel everything climbing to the top of her head, then stopping, icing over into one solid block.’
    • ‘If the defrost timer fails, the freezer can ice up and stop cooling properly.’
    • ‘Anna knew it was pointless to continue, since it was so cold that it would keep icing over, yet she could not stop.’
    • ‘Freezing fog left it so heavily iced up, it was destined for disaster.’
    • ‘With the exception of a few duck-inhabited zones, it was all iced over.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, it's suddenly become cold enough to ice up my stubble if I cycle fast enough.’
    • ‘My colour will drain, my body ice over and my eyes grow cloudy, until morning - sweet morning!’
    • ‘From the F - 16, the crew could see that the windows of the Learjet had iced over.’
    • ‘Another standards consideration is that a very expensive regulator testing machine could ice up and break!’
    freeze, freeze over, turn into ice, harden, solidify