Meaning of icebox in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌɪsbɒks/

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  • 1A chilled box or cupboard for keeping something cold, especially food.

    ‘The cupboards all matched, unlike Toni and Carina's mismatched, random cupboards and iceboxes.’
    • ‘I praised his courage, because it's not easy to carry the heavy icebox up to the top of mountain.’
    • ‘The icebox only consisted of a wooden box with ice surrounding it.’
    • ‘Nobody is kicking down your door, confiscating your icebox and saying you can't drink into the wee hours.’
    • ‘Evil slams down the piano, and grabs the icebox.’
    • ‘‘He's against it,’ replied Coolidge coolly as he reached in the icebox for a beer.’
    • ‘What did you think I was practicing for, when Dad needs extra ice for the icebox?’
    • ‘In my nightmares, I hid in an icebox, but they found me anyway.’
    • ‘She then offered to help him carry the icebox where the fishes were.’
    • ‘Reaching down, he opened an icebox, and then brought up a slab of meat.’
    • ‘Beryl spit out a mouthful of kibble and hid behind the antique icebox that never had any ice.’
    • ‘The icebox is a 54-quart portable cooler that fits beneath the companionway steps.’
    • ‘I'm already thirsty for another frosty cool one from Hardway's icebox.’
    • ‘A good skipper will have a plentiful supply of bottled water in the icebox, but it is as well to check before leaving port that he had laid in enough to last the day.’
    • ‘Griffith ignored him and opened one of the iceboxes at the corner of the tiny kitchen.’
    • ‘Against the back of this room was a cupboard for storage, a stove, and an icebox.’
    • ‘She looked around the small kitchen before she opened the cabinets and the icebox and saw that they were empty.’
    1. 1.1British A compartment in a refrigerator for making and storing ice.
      ‘Marcia poured her diet coke into a glass and she pulled the icebox out of the small refrigerator and put a few in.’
      • ‘Have been inspired by the immensely satisfying experiencing of defrosting the icebox on Sunday.’
      • ‘Store your vermouth in the icebox so that it is always cold.’
      • ‘Rufie actually made one of her famous icebox cakes in honour of my arrival.’
      • ‘He stood beside the fridge with the icebox in his hand, looking a little dumb.’
    2. 1.2US dated A refrigerator.
      ‘But in other parts of the world, consumers with small iceboxes chug their milk from a rectangular drink box kept in the pantry.’
      • ‘May, could you please get some eggs out of the icebox?’
      • ‘While the pie was baking, she removed some vegetables and meat from the icebox to prepare for dinner.’
      • ‘People might have had iceboxes, but the very first home ‘fridges’ were not invented until 1913 and not mass-produced until 1939.’
      • ‘How about a refrigerator that goes back to the old icebox concept and stores coolness in a block of frozen material during certain hours?’