Meaning of iced coffee in English:

iced coffee


(also North American ice coffee)
mass noun
  • Chilled coffee, typically sweetened or flavoured and served over ice.

    ‘a glass of iced coffee’
    • ‘I start each day with an iced coffee’
    • ‘Juices are fresh squeezed, and you can get iced coffee, espresso, cappuccino and latte at the barista bar.’
    • ‘Back at the farm, we enjoy a refreshing iced coffee in the shade of the stables.’
    • ‘I'm picking up iced coffee on the way to work.’
    • ‘Sales of iced coffee rose 400 per cent during a recent sunny period.’
    • ‘Not original, but when it's hot, I like iced coffee with cream.’
    • ‘You'd like two glasses of ice coffee, is that right?’
    • ‘At noon, I collapsed on a straw mat and dreamed of ice coffee.’
    • ‘She holds a tall iced coffee in one hand, her blond hair is piled high in a ponytail.’
    • ‘Making hot coffee would have taken a while, so we offered him an iced coffee.’
    • ‘It was unbearably hot today, so we ducked into Kopi Phuket for some iced coffee and iced tea to cool ourselves down.’
    • ‘Two teenage girls slurped iced coffee drinks at a sidewalk cafe and chatted away about boys, clothes, their weekend plans, whatever seemed to pop into their heads.’