Meaning of kangaroo fly in English:

kangaroo fly

nounplural noun kangaroo flies

  • A small biting fly which causes intense irritation.

    ‘in the evening, the kangaroo flies became very troublesome’
    • ‘Our camp was infested by the kangaroo fly, which settled upon us in thousands.’
    • ‘The explorers were much persecuted by mosquitoes and a terribly irritating fly called the kangaroo fly.’
    • ‘Sorely tried by leeches clinging to their legs and by flesh-biting kangaroo flies, they followed the river for 60 miles.’
    • ‘If it was not mosquitoes, it was kangaroo-flies.’
    • ‘Their life was made miserable by myriads of mosquitoes and a pest called the kangaroo-fly, but through it all Charles remained steadfast.’