Meaning of kangaroo grass in English:

kangaroo grass


mass noun
  • A fodder grass which grows in very tall tussocks.

    Genus Themeda, family Gramineae: several species, in particular T. australis

    ‘The state has legislation governing tree clearing, but nothing to protect non-forest areas containing species like silver tussock and kangaroo grass.’
    • ‘For glyphosate treated kangaroo grass, bitou bush and coastal wattle, survival of well-watered individuals was lower than for ‘water-stressed’ individuals.’
    • ‘It's not kangaroo grass - the seed heads of Themeda triandra are very distinctive.’
    • ‘For example, in my garden, kangaroo grass flowers almost all year round, with showy carroty-red, green and black flower heads a metre tall.’
    • ‘Native grasslands are characterised by the reddish tinge of kangaroo grass that you can still see in some paddocks in autumn.’