Meaning of kangaroo hunt in English:

kangaroo hunt


  • An operation in which kangaroos are culled; a kangaroo drive.

    ‘they all took part in a kangaroo hunt on horseback’
    • ‘He orchestrates some remarkable scenes, ranging from an extensive and pivotal two-up game in the pub, to a kangaroo hunt.’
    • ‘You end up wondering about what happens, and this leads you to going on your first kangaroo hunt.’
    • ‘There is an unnerving and surreal sequence involving a nocturnal kangaroo hunt.’
    • ‘The closest thing to a cultured man in town bullies him into joining a kangaroo hunt with his pals.’
    • ‘There is some degree of controversy surrounding this film as it depicts a brutal night-time kangaroo hunt.’
    • ‘"If we look at images of the seal and kangaroo hunts and we are uncomfortable with them, we are each responsible for holding our governments to account," she said.’
    • ‘The paper was found to have failed to adequately disclose a conflict of interest after the journalist had travelled to the kangaroo hunt at the expense of a company selling the meat.’
    • ‘Chile's hunting of guanacos seems more akin to the disputed control of native species in other countries, like Australia's kangaroo hunts.’