Meaning of kangaroo paw in English:

kangaroo paw


  • An Australian plant that has long straplike leaves and tubular flowers with woolly outer surfaces.

    Genera Anigozanthos and Macropidia, family Haemodoraceae: several species

    ‘There are a whole range of different coloured kangaroo paw in front of us, but what's the idea behind this nursery?’
    • ‘In the front yard, purple hop bush and kangaroo paw reflect the rusty colors of the home.’
    • ‘Agapanthus, daylilies, kangaroo paws, lemon grass and red hot pokers are in this category.’
    • ‘Ornamental trees and shrubs in shades of burgundy, plum, rust, gold, and celery green are backdrops for shapely succulents, phormiums, and kangaroo paws.’
    • ‘Geraldton shoppers have been treated to a wildflower extravaganza, with banksias and kangaroo paws covering the centre mall area.’