Meaning of kangaroo rat in English:

kangaroo rat


  • A seed-eating hopping rodent with large cheek pouches and long hind legs, found from Canada to Mexico.

    Genus Dipodomys, family Heteromyidae: several species

    ‘Her research on the banner-tailed kangaroo rat, a rodent that lives in the desert southwest of the United States, shows evidence of foot-drumming used to communicate territorial ownership.’
    • ‘The kangaroo rat has long hind legs on which it hops - a bit like its Australian namesake in miniature.’
    • ‘Randall and Matocq showed that gopher snakes respond to footdrumming of the banner-tailed kangaroo rat.’
    • ‘The region eventually became the ground for bitter battles as species such as the coastal California gnatcatcher and the Stephens' kangaroo rat threatened to halt big-ticket development plans.’
    • ‘Because many desert rodents that footdrum, such as kangaroo rats, inhabit open habitats and tend to forage in areas with little cover, locomotion for escape is well developed.’