Meaning of kangaroo route in English:

kangaroo route


Trademark the kangaroo route
  • The air route between Australia (especially Sydney) and London, particularly via Asia or the Middle East.

    ‘the kangaroo route is immensely profitable at the moment’
    • ‘The deal saw the company's share price fall by as much as four per cent as investors faced the prospect of greater competition on the Kangaroo route.’
    • ‘The introduction of the new sleeper beds on the Kangaroo route have tightened capacity and boosted demand for business travel.’
    • ‘The airline will undoubtedly benefit from the agreement, most particularly on that first hop of the kangaroo route, between Sydney and Hong Kong.’
    • ‘The stranglehold that the airline enjoys on the Kangaroo route between Australia and London faces a new challenge tonight.’
    • ‘Both of the airlines compete on a large number of routes into and out of Australia, not least on the kangaroo route, but also on routes into Asia.’
    • ‘I find it incredible that they could so blithely scrap the hallowed Kangaroo route to London via Singapore, but scrap it they have.’
    • ‘A typical flight on the Sydney-London kangaroo route might attract close to $1 million in revenue.’
    • ‘Relaxing Sydney's curfew would deliver a boost to tourists flying the Kangaroo route to London.’
    • ‘The kangaroo route has brought many millions of Australian residents to London since the 1930s.’
    • ‘Asian airlines may be quietly giving up the fight on the once-prized Kangaroo route.’


1940s the route was originally flown by the Australian airline Qantas, whose aircraft tail livery features a stylized kangaroo.