Meaning of kangaroo tail in English:

kangaroo tail


mass noun
  • Meat from a kangaroo's tail.

    ‘my local butcher tells me I'm the only customer who buys kangaroo tail’
    • ‘she gave me her recipe for kangaroo-tail soup’
    • ‘Kangaroo tails were invariably made into kangaroo tail soup, while steaks were often grilled over open fires.’
    • ‘It's back to the Alice for a kangaroo tail sandwich and a climb up Anzac Hill.’
    • ‘Kangaroo tail stew with ash-baked potatoes and fresh camp-fire damper.’
    • ‘"I put the Kangaroo tail in there, then I cover it over with coals, and seal it off and light a fire on top of it," he says.’
    • ‘Dinner beforehand commenced with Kangaroo Tail Soup.’
    • ‘He says kangaroo tails should be placed in the ashes of a fire with the skin on, and then scraped and cut at the joints when they're nearly done.’
    • ‘I also make a kangaroo tail soup, slow-cooking the tail with wine, chicken and spices, and serving it with a chilli bean dip.’
    • ‘Don't be surprised when you see it on a burger menu, in a chilli con carne recipe or as a soup of the day: kangaroo tail stew.’
    • ‘Its most eye-catching item was kangaroo tails for stews.’
    • ‘Sadly, the only kangaroo I've had came from a can of kangaroo tail soup.’