Meaning of kangaroo vine in English:

kangaroo vine


  • An Australian evergreen climbing plant of the vine family, grown as a houseplant.

    Cissus antarctica, family Vitaceae

    ‘Ornamental plants related to the grapevine include the Virginia creeper in the US and Europe, the kangaroo vine in Australia, and Japanese ivy and Crimson Glory in Japan.’
    • ‘Pot chrysanthemums, spider plants and kangaroo vines will provide instant architectural interest and colour.’
    • ‘Beside them, a plant trough stands in a ceiling high recess and the glossy leaves of monstera deliciosa, kangaroo vines and variegated coleus are shown off against a white painted rough brick wall.’
    • ‘Unlike its better behaved cousin, kangaroo vine can grow you out of house and home!’
    • ‘(The houseplant, Cissus antarctica (kangaroo vine), is a very good substitute hostplant during the winter months.)’