Meaning of kaon in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkeɪɒn/


  • A meson having a mass several times that of a pion.

    ‘In particular, it would rule out a ‘soft ‘equation of state for the core of the star, which includes Bose-Einstein condensates of kaons, hyperons and pions.’’
    • ‘In turn, these decay into other subatomic particles, like kaons and pions.’
    • ‘In this scheme, quark-antiquark pairs form kaons, pions, and other mesons, while triplets of quarks form protons, neutrons, and numerous heavier cousins that appeared in accelerator experiments.’
    • ‘Both laboratories found significant differences associated with time in the activity of neutral particles called kaons.’
    • ‘One linear combination of those states is involved in the production of the neutral kaon particles, and another linear combination is involved in their disintegration.’


1950s from ka representing the letter K(as a symbol for the particle) + -on.